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Sad but true: Women are still earning about three-fourths of what men are, across all industries. And while we can shake our fists at the unfairness of it all, it often boils down to our unwillingness to negotiate for more money.

"In our culture, being masculine often means not being vulnerable; this is especially true in the NFL, where it seems players must act like stone-faced warriors to survive unscathed. But Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall has weaknesses, and he isn’t afraid to talk about them."

"We all know how important networking is for our careers. Building and maintaining strong relationships is critical to your professional success, whether you’re measuring salary growth, promotions or job satisfaction over time. But before you rattle off how many “friends” you have on your favorite social media site du jour, know that not all contact lists are alike."

"The average human attention span today is five seconds, so not only do you need a strong elevator pitch, you also need it to hook the interviewer’s attention from the outset. That’s just about all the time you have before her mind starts wandering to her next meeting, her inbox, or her lunch plans."

"There’s a massive gender gap in the technology industry, and it’s important to be aware of the facts. Here are 15 key statistics on the state of women in tech."

"When it comes to family-friendly work policies, the U.S. lags far behind other nations."

"On July 4th of this year, the National Education Association (NEA), the largest U.S. labor organization, made history: its membership elected three women of color as its leaders, and its first female head in 25 years."

The latest trend in women’s leadership circles today is telling women they can’t have it all (at the same time), and they should stop trying. So many top female political and corporate leaders in a wide range of industries and arenas have been quoted in the past few years as saying “You can’t have it all – it’s a pipedream.”

"The birth control pill, also called an oral contraceptive or just "the pill," has at least half a dozen health benefits in addition to preventing pregnancy. A recent study from the Guttmacher Institute found that 58 percent of all pill users use it for reasons other than family planning."

For the first time in the Navy’s 236-year history, a woman will be pinned with a fourth star.

"We’ve all been there; standing around at a happy hour, networking event, or water cooler when someone suddenly drops a commonly accepted book reference. You nod with a knowing smile, but you can’t add anything back to the conversation because you really don’t know. Summer is your chance to catch up to some of the most referenced, if not just valuable, business and leadership books around (while multitasking, thanks to multiple formats)."

"I’m not advocating for more programs for women; I’m advocating for programs that help women address the hard things once they’ve gotten started in their career. We cannot stop our efforts at programming for young girls. We must continue to identify the breakpoints, challenges, and career milestones in which women leave the table. We need focused commitment from leaders and sponsors from the beginning of a girl’s education through the duration of a woman’s career until we achieve the highest level of success and diversity and the lowest level of talent loss."